6pm - midnight


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St Paul Street Gallery

Online publication launch of yoursdankly.

5everdankly.florist developed through a series of experiments in collective subjectivity: using online spaces to explore selves/others; intersubjective engagements to flesh out new creative spaces; individual works arising from a collective mentality, rhetorics, aesthetic—making something from nothing.

yoursdankly is the accompanying publication, a compilation of the group experimental work. It will be available online, print-on-demand (full-colour, 176 pages), from 14 March. A digital version of the book will be available at the launch. 5everdankly.florist will continue beyond the launch of the show, as a site for future projects: experiments, publications, exhibitions etc.

Featuring contributions from: Cristine Brache, Aurelia Guo, An Dress, Selena Gerzic, Aurorae Parker, Daniel Golding, Holly Childs, Penny Goring, Katherine Botten, Autumn Royal, Rosemary Kirton, Danny Low, Paradise Structures, Orion Facey, Clara Chon, Caspar Jade Heinemann, Jennifer Seddon, Dan Nash, Hela Trol Pis, Katherine Anderson, Gaby Cepeda, Rachel Benson, Elizabeth Mputu.

While you're there check out Invisible Energy on at St Paul Street Gallery