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RM, 3 Samoa House Lane, off Beresford Square

Leave all expectations behind as four creative practitioner present performances throughout the evening. Works will be created by Hana Aoake, Leticia Durant, Karin Hofko, Layne Waerea.

Hana Aoake, Intended consequences volume ii: Notice how comforted you feel

A series of gestures that disrupt, provoke, relax or frustrate. This is an experiment, which is an exploration of space, subtlety and social interaction and engagement. Both a guide to better living and a destabilisation of power dynamics, a baby version of this was performed during to and fro at Artspace in 2014. Participation welcome.

Hana Aoake is an Auckland based writer, curator and artist. In 2014 she co-founded and continues to co-direct Fresh and Fruity gallery, a social media spectacle and a physical space based in Dunedin. Her work is primarily concerned with the body.

Leticia Durant, The other apple party

Leticia Durant's works begin as an encounter or a moment of serendipity within the everyday and are generated by responding to objects, people or systems. The resulting event-based interventions explore how the social can be used to construct art.

Karin Hofko, Waiting

Based in Auckland, Karin Hofko’s practice explores notions of transhumanism and the collective conscious through the use of mediated performance. Recent exhibitions include Trigongle at the Blue Oyster 2014; iTrash/youTrash/weTrash at The Physics Room in 2013 and Body Remix at the Audio Foundation in 2012; her work was also featured as part of the New Artists Show at Artspace in 2012. Her video work has been screened at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, and in other locations around the globe including Budapest, Berlin, USA and London.

Layne Waerea, Something Free. Something White

Layne Waerea is an Auckland based artist whose art performance interventions explore the culture of freeness. She is interested in questioning social and legal norms that influence behaviour in the public realm. She is the current president of The Chasing Fog Club (Est. 2014).


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