6pm - midnight

Mobile Library

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Outside Central City Library

Art and language are bound together in a co­-existential relationship. The library’s mobile library will be repurposed for the exhibition of publications produced by an array of artists and writers, showcasing ideologies and dialogues that extend from the shelves and into conversation with a diverse demographic. Keeping with the library’s functionality, the authors invite you to participate in their ideas with some publications available free for take­away.

Authors include: Quishile Mossop, Hana Aoake, Robin Murphy, Jennifer Seddon, Theo Macdonald, Bridget Riggir, Jen Kate Shields, Sacha Donnell, Robyn Jordaan, Max Trevor ­Edmond, Lila Bullen­ Smith, Haley Jean, Dan Sanders, Rachel Caddy, Natasha Matila-­Smith, Amiria Pihema Williams, Talia Smith, Natasha Priddle, Dreary Modern Life, and Hashtag500words.

While you're there check out more works from students from Elam School of Fine Arts inside the Library.