6pm - midnight

The Pamphleteers

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In March of 2015, FUZZYVIBES will host Pamphleteers, a collaborative publishing project that will produce a daily publication for the duration of one week. Pamphleteers is a reference to the revolutionary practice of free, widely-distributed, and often seditious print material. 

A team of writers will inhabit a ‘newsroom’ setting installed at FUZZYVIBES. Each day, these writers will decide the day’s agenda and work toward the end of day deadline. Once the daily publication has been written, designed, and printed, the writers shall act as distributors while returning to their respective corners of Auckland. Deposited in libraries, left on buses, stuffed into letterboxes, Pamphleteers shall find an audience through the habitual movements of its participants. 

FUZZYVIBES warmly invites you to attend the closing event in collaboration with White Night, Saturday 14th of March.