5pm - 10pm

Black Bird: Lonnie Hutchinson 1997-2013 survey

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Gus Fisher Gallery

Bringing together diverse works, from sculpture and paper-cuts to video and virtual reality 'experiences', Black Bird is the first major survey of Lonnie Hutchinson's varied and rich practice. Hutchinson's Māori and Samoan heritage inform her interest in pattern, the play of light and shadow and the navigation between space and time.

6pm and 8pm Witness Darcell Apelu and Amiria Puia-Taylor perform Lonnie Hutchinson’s Can You See Me (1997), in which a female figure is taped to the ground and struggles for release.

This work will be presented as part of Blackbird, a rich survey of Hutchinson’s work. Drawing on her Maori and Samoan heritage, Blackbird will explore the artist’s interest in transformational spaces and spirituality.

Blackbird is made possible through the support of Tautai Contemporary Arts Trust.


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