5pm - 11pm

Auckland Art Gallery

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Auckland Art Gallery

Join the buzz at Auckland Art Gallery as they get set for one massive night of art, music and film. With a solo show from Billy Apple, performances from the NZTrio and founding members of the Nairobi Trio, and screenings of Into The Void and Nosferatu throughout the night, there will be something to inspire and move visitors of all ages.

Saturday 14 March is the opening day of the largest-ever retrospective of celebrated Auckland artist, Billy Apple – The artist has to live like everybody else which profiles Apple’s prolific career spanning more than 50 years. As part of this exhibition, Craig Miller from Miller Coffee will be offering a tasting of his specially roasted Billy Apple blend and using a gold La Cimbali espresso machine (6pm-8pm)

NZTrio perform throughout the evening a 20-minute set titled Subtle Dances, which includes compositions Kenji Bunch (USA): Groovebox Variations, Claire Cowan (NZ): Subtle Dances and Raimundo Penaforte (Brazil): An Eroica Trio – Capiba. (7pm, 7.30pm, 8pm)

Music on film comes via a one-off screening of Margaret Gordon’s Into The Void, a documentary on the band of the same name and formed by four art school students - Jason Greig, Paul Sutherland, Ronnie van Hout and Mark Whyte- as something to do in Christchurch on a Saturday night on the 1980s. The film was voted best documentary for 2014 by The Press. (7pm-8.10pm)

Founding members of the Nairobi Trio, Richard Adams (jazz violin) and Nigel Gavin (seven string guitar) return for an eclectic and must-be-there performance. (8.30pm)

Care of the Goethe Institut, see  F. W. Murnau's 1922 gothic, expressionist masterpiece Nosferatu, one of the silent era's most influential films. The screening will be accompanied by silent film maestro Mr William Green on piano (9-10.35pm).